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It has never been so easy to explore the magical underwater world. Our submarines offer the perfect opportunity to dive below the waves without worrying about breathing equipment, currents or swimming ability.

We are the only company operating tourist submarines in Australia. You and your companion can share the moment together, breathing normally, in fresh air.  Our fully qualified pilots are able provide expert commentary on all the wonders of the Reef.

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A new and unique way of safely diving the Great Barrier Reef

a new safe way to dive the reef

For the newest and most amazing adventure, explore the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, from the safety of our exclusive 3 man mini-submarines.

Two people, guided by our pilot, can have a true diving experience without traditional scuba gear from the safety of a tropical island beach – just 45 minutes by fast catamaran from Cairns.

Descend to the beautiful coral gardens and immerse yourself in the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. You do not need a dive licence or training to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

We operate everyday (weather permitting) for you to get up close and personal with spectacular marine life - viewed from the complete safety of a mini-submarine.  Marvel at the brightly coloured shoals of fish grazing the spectacular corals.

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