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Why do you call this experience a dive and not a trip?

Our subs are not like the submersibles you see on TV or James Bond movies. With those, you are in a chamber that is closed and the air kept at normal surface air pressure while you plumb the depths. Our subs are open - the water is allowed to get in - in fact you sit up to your waist in water but the rest of you is in a bubble of fresh air, continually being refreshed by air from external dive tanks.

In any form of diving  the water pressure increases as you descend and you have to make sure the pressure inside your ears and sinuses is the same as the pressure of the water. All divers, including those wearing a dive helmet have to be able to equalise or ‘pop their ears’ just as you have to do sometimes flying in a plane.  

As the sub descends the air bubble in the submarine has to be kept at the same pressure as the water - otherwise the water would rise inside the sub - so just like any other diving you will have to compensate the pressure by ‘popping your ears’. That’s why we call it a dive.

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What are the submarines like ?

There are many different types of submersible vessels in the world. Ours are one of the simpler types. They are constructed in fibreglass and are 3.5m long x 2.15m wide and 1.8m high.

The main feature is that they are not enclosed - you do not get in and have a hatch close behind you. They are always open and you swim in and out of them and you sit up to your waist in water.