The conditions listed below will prevent you from taking a submarine dive.

Medical Conditions:

High/low blood pressure, Heart Disease, asthma, chronic sinus conditions, bronchitis or persistent
chest complaint, collapsed lung (pneumothorax), Diabetes Metitus (sugar),
Epilepsy, Tuberculosis or lung disease, brain, spinal cord or nervous disorder, prone to fainting,
seizures, blackouts, breathlessness, ear infection, previous chest surgery, perforated ear drum,
and pregnancy.

You MUST BE ABLE TO equalise your ears and sinuses or 'pop your ears' just as you would in an

Consuming alcohol or recreational drugs within 8 hours prior will prevent diving and there is no refund.

Unexpected illness, particularly blocked sinuses, ear infections etc will also prevent diving.

Do remember to contact us in plenty of time to avoid cancellation fees.

You should not fly within 12 hours of diving.

Minimum Age Limit: 12 years**

Consult a doctor before booking if in doubt.