Cancellations: At least 24 hours notice of cancellation is required for a full refund. If for any reason one or more of your party are unable to dive with us please notify us at least 24 hours prior to the dive date so that the dive may be resold. Cancellations after that time will incur NO SHOW charges equal to the amount of the total fare.


Weather: The tourism activities permitted by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority offered, conducted and operated by Nautil-Oz Submarines Pty Ltd, trading as “Great Barrier Reef Submarines”, (the Company) may be affected or cancelled at the discretion of the Company through factors beyond the Company’s control including without limit weather conditions and the behaviour of marine life.

Risk Liability: Some of the activities involve inherent risks. In consideration of the right to participate in an activity the participant voluntarily assumes all risks relating or incidental to such participation and releases and indemnifies Nautil-Oz Submarines Pty Ltd from all present or future claims of whatever nature. Nautil-Oz Submarines Pty Ltd  reserves the right to refuse to permit participation in any of the activities or to require proof of medical fitness to its satisfaction prior to permitting a person to participate in any of the activities offered.

Medical Conditions: Some medical conditions will preclude some people from this experience. A medical questionnaire must be completed before diving. The medical conditions are listed below - please check them carefully. Consult a doctor before booking if in doubt.

High/low blood pressure, Heart Disease, asthma, chronic sinus conditions, bronchitis or persistent chest complaint, collapsed lung (pneumothorax), Diabetes Metitus (sugar), Epilepsy, Tuberculosis or lung disease, brain, spinal cord or nervous disorder, prone to fainting, seizures, blackouts, breathlessness, ear infection, previous chest surgery, perforated ear drum, and pregnancy.

Alcohol: Consuming alcohol or recreational drugs within 8 hours prior will prevent diving and there is no refund. Unexpected illness, particularly blocked sinuses, ear infections etc will also prevent diving. Do remember to contact us in plenty of time to avoid cancellation fees.

Equalising: You need to be able to equalise your ears and sinuses or 'pop your ears' just as you would in an airplane. You should not fly within 12 hours of diving.

Age Limit: Minimum Age Limit: 12 years


We reserve the right to cancel or alter the time of the dive through factors beyond our control including without limit weather conditions, sea conditions or behaviour of marine life. Such events will NOT incur a penalty and a FULL REFUND will be made.

Substitution: In all of the prior conditions, if a passenger is unable to dive we are happy for someone else to take the submarine dive in their place at NO EXTRA CHARGE.