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Prior to your exclusive submarine dive you will receive a safety briefing and instruction on how to enter the mini-sub.  Our 3 man submarine has a seat for you, a companion and your personal pilot.

The submarine launches directly from the beach. It is no more than 4 metres from the shore. You enter the mini-sub  by ducking under the water through a large opening at the back. Your safety diver will guide you inside. The pilot will greet you and help you into your seat.  Then you’re ready to go! There are no hatches that close you in and the ‘swim through’ remains open throughout the dive.  Your view of the underwater world is awesome with lots of windows for you to enjoy all round viewing.

Your safety diver is nearby to help you in and out of the sub if you need it. Swim goggles are available on request. The safety diver, who is in contact with land, accompanies the sub on its entire dive. Not only does he ensure your safety but assists the pilot to spot and explore the wonderful corals and sea life.

Launching the submarine on an hydraulic platform from the stern of the mother ship - Jules Verne

Launching the Submarine

Your Dive Experience

Swimwear,hat,towel,sunglasses, Sunscreen (30+ SPF)

What you should bring What we provide

Stinger suit, mask

Optional Extras
Submarine sitting on the sea bed - so peacefulEXPERT COMMENTARY

Once inside, the pilot will give you a final safety briefing and introduce you to the sights and sounds you can expect to hear during your underwater voyage. As soon as you are comfortable the dive will start. The sub will descend slowly and travel around the coral reef for approximately 20 minutes. Our pilot will provide an expert and fun commentary of our marine environment. Your dive ends back at the beach.

Throughout your dive we will be taking photographs of your experience  - these will be available to you as prints or on CD.

As well as your special photos on disc we include video footage and some beautiful reef photographs to remind you of your submarine trip and to share with family and friends.

We also have some great “Reef Submariner” souvenirs, T-shirts available for purchase.

Pahge banner photo of the submarine passing over soft coral
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